Joyous Organs – ceramics

The Joyous Organs are here in the world to spread out daily their happiness to us
and to keep the focus on our health. 
They are joyous and lovely gifts for our family, friends,
colleagues, lover or for ourselves also!

Material: ceramic, acrylic, lacquer   |   Size: all between 3-9 cm
Variety: fridgemagnet, hanging decor & sticker
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Joyous Brain

Joyous Inner Ear


Joyous Eyes


Joyous Thyroid

Joyous Skin


Joyous Mammaries

Joyous Lungs

Joyous Larynx


Joyous Vocal Cords


Joyous Tooth


Joyous Throat


Joyous Tonsils


Joyous Vein


Joyous Tongue


Joyous Heart

Joyous Muscle

Joyous Kidneys


Joyous Rectum


Joyous Colon

Joyous Small Intestine

Joyous Appendix


Joyous Blood

Joyous Lymph Node


Joyous Cerebellum

Joyous Guts


Joyous Stomach


Joyous Pancreas

Joyous Spleen


Joyous Liver


Joyous Gallbladder

Joyous Bladder

Joyous Prostate

Joyous Testicles

Joyous Ovaries


Joyous Womb


Joyous Lips

Joyous Tits

Joyous Cervix

Joyous Pussy

Joyous Butt

Joyous Anus

Joyous Penis